Below you will find the schedule and scores for the current season.
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Sep 11 Sep 18 Sep 25 Oct 2 Oct 9 Oct 16 Oct 23 Oct 30

11-Sep-11 5pm East Enforcers FC 6 Mobile Rovers 2
5pm West Coast Guard 0 Lumberjacks 8
5pm South Project Mayhem 2 Legion FC 3
7pm East Fire FC 4 FC Bosnia 4
7pm West Clang FC 3 Chevron United 1
7pm South Hooligans 1 Mobile United 2
BYE   Imperial      
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18-Sep-11 3pm East Mobile Rovers 6 Imperial 6
3pm West Legion FC 5 Hooligans 2
5pm East Coast Guard resched  Clang FC  resched
5pm West Enforcers FC 0 Lumberjacks
7pm East Mobile United 2 FC Bosnia 1
7pm West Fire FC 1 Project Mayhem 2
BYE   Chevron United      
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25-Sep-11 3pm West Project Mayhem Mobile United
3pm South Coast Guard Mobile Rovers
5pm West Lumberjacks Clang FC
5pm South Chevron United Imperial
7pm West Fire FC Legion FC
7pm South Hooligans FC Bosnia
BYE Enforcers      
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2-Oct-11 1pm East Clang FC Coast Guard
3pm East FC Bosnia Project Mayhem
3pm South Imperial Lumberjacks
5pm East Mobile Rovers Chevron United
5pm South Enforcers FC Coast Guard
7pm East Legion FC Mobile United
7pm South Fire FC Hooligans
BYE n/a       
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9-Oct-11 3pm East Hooligans Project Mayhem
3pm West Chevron United Enforcers FC
5pm East Clang FC Imperial
5pm West Lumerjacks Mobile Rovers
7pm East Fire FC Mobile United
7pm West FC Bosnia Legion FC
BYE Coast Guard
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16-Oct-11 3pm West Imperial Enforcers FC
3pm South Mobile United Hooligans
5pm West Legion FC Project Mayhem
5pm South Mobile Rovers Clang FC
7pm West FC Bosnia Fire FC
7pm South Chevron United Coast Guard
BYE Lumberjacks       
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23-Oct-11 3pm East Clang FC Enforcers FC
3pm South FC Bosnia Mobile United
5pm East Lumberjacks Chevron United
5pm South Hooligans Legion FC
7pm East Imperial Coast Guard
7pm South Fire FC Project Mayhem
BYE Mobile Rovers 
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30-Oct-11 3pm East Project Mayhem Mobile United
3pm West Div I 1st seed Div I 7th seed
  5pm East Div I 2nd seed Div I 4th seed
5pm West FC Bosnia Hooligans
7pm East Fire FC Legion FC
7pm West Div I 3rd seed Div I 5th seed
BYE Div I 6th seed


6-Nov-11 3pm West Project Mayhem FC Bosnia
3pm South Div I 2nd seed Div I 7th seed
5pm West Div I 3rd seed Div I 6th seed
5pm South Mobile United Legion FC
7pm West Hooligans Fire FC
7pm South   Div I 1st seed Div I 4th seed
BYE        Div I 5th seed      


13-Nov-11 3pm East Project Mayhem              Hooligans         
3pm West Div I 5th Place Div I 6th Place
5pm East Legion FC FC Bosnia
5pm West Div I 3rd Place Div I 4th Place  
7pm East Fire FC Mobile United
7pm West Div I 1st Place Div I 2nd Place
BYE   Div I 7th Place      
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