The 2018 Summer 7v7 Season ends August 26th. Game Schedules have been updated for the Finals. Rankings and game scores updated thru 8/20/18. Schedule updated as of 8/20/18.

2018 Fall 11v11 Season will start Sept 16th. Details regarding the Fall Season are now available. Please click here for details.

Congrats to the 2018 Spring Season winners in each bracket. 

Open Gold Bracket

Champions - Gulf Coast Galaxy 

Runner-Up - Mobile Rovers 

Open Silver Bracket 

Champions - Chelsea 

Runner-Up - Lumberjacks

Rec Division 

Champions - Jokers FC 

Runner-Up - Fire FC

If you are interested in putting a team in please email the League President (email listed on the about page) or contact SASA at 251-458-3530 or 251-554-0132

We now have a pictures page that is a work in progress. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Also if you have pictures of team from previous seasons please send them to the League President so we can post them. Click here for the pictures.

Check the schedule to confirm matchups, fields, and times.

Need Information About SASA

Call 458-3530 or email us at today to get in touch with us or check out the about page.

Players please adhere to the rules.

Jewelry--NONE is allowed!
With the exception of wedding bands and properly taped (must be taped to your body) medical info or religious symbols. NO body piercings are allowed, especially facial ones. This is to protect each individual player. Additionally USSF rules state that there can be nothing worn for adornment-- No bandanas with knots, no Armstrong type bracelets, no string bracelets, no ribbons. There are no excuses and you can not sign a waiver. The officals will not allow you to play.